As I have gone about developing this site, I have struggled to come up with a similar slogan for females that will be something like Old Guys Walking. So far I have failed. Somehow the idea of something called “Old Gals Walking” or even worse…”Old Women Walking” gets me a rolling of the eyes and decidedly negative looks from the women in my life.

So, if any women who might stumble across this site have any ideas along these lines, I would love to hear them. Women get just as much benefit from walking as men do, and just as many women as men could use encouragement to begin a walking program, or extend their walking into longer and longer distances.

I hope to hear something soon.


I have been planning for some time to take a long pilgrimage walk in Europe later this year (2015). As I have been doing a lot of walking around my home area of Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley, CA, I have been noticing A LOT of older guys like me out there on the streets and trails walking. I also recall from my last pilgrimage, that many of the walkers were in their mature years. I began to wonder if there was any kind of a community of older walkers, but so far I haven’t found one. From there, the thought process for Old Guys Walking started to develop. Friends suggested Facebook and Twitter, and a web-site, so here we go.

I intend to report on my training for a 1000 mile pilgrimage, and report on my travels along the way, but as I have worked on this, the idea has grown. What about a site that will encourage older guys (and women of an equivalent age) to start walking? What about a place where other walkers can show up and record their walks and their own inspirations?

So that is where Old Guys Walking begins. From here we will just have to see.


Medical Disclaimer: I believe fully in the wonderful power of walking to improve health and well being. Since I started doing a lot of walking, powerfully good things have been happening to me. That being said, I have a checkup every 6 months, and my doctor has given his blessing to my routine by decreasing the frequency of visits to one per year. Before anyone makes a change in the amount of walking they are doing (or any other exercise for that matter) they should check with their doctors to be sure it is safe. I plan to make some recommendations for some good ideas to get started on a walking program, but check first with your doctor before you start.