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Hello again.
I’ve been slow on most of my projects this year but I have decided to get going on this. I am using “meetup” to arrange for people to join my adventure. What I have in mind is Sept 25 to Oct 5 this year to walk 100km to Santiago. This will give everyone who completes the walk all the requirements to be awarded a “Compostela”
All details not yet worked out. I have no idea how this will come together but I’m hoping for at least 20 adventurers..Peregrinas and Peregrinos. I am thinking only those “of a certain age” will be interested. 
If any of you want to go, or know of someone you think might want to go, please let me know. You can go to “meetup” or send me an email. The location of the first planning meeting on May 7th is open, and this may need to be a phone conference call if people from around the world are interested. 
This is my first foray into this kind of thing. I am hopeful that it will work and I will do everything in my power to make it work. For those who are not yet walking a lot, I will give help, training tips and encouragement. 
If there is enough interest, I will help put together a travel package to get everyone to northern Spain. The likely start point is Arzua which is close to the city of Leon. Also I am hoping that many will want to John me for a week of training and Spanish language immersion near Valencia for the week prior.
Fingers and toes crossed.
Old Guy Walking

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Al Breese

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