Arzua to Santa Irene


A continuation of rolling farmland with tree-lined trails up and down hills approaching Santiago. We’ve managed to avoid the rain so far, but Shirley and I had just a bit of moisture late in the afternoon. 14 km today followed 18 yesterday. Now only around 23 km to go to the cathedral. Date palms, hydrangeas, and fuschias in one yard. My mother would h ave loved it. We keep meeting the two nuns from San Jose. Their spirit and compassion are apparent to everyone they meet.


I was reminded of the mixed emotions and thoughts most pilgrims have as they walk along. Plenty of time to think of the lives we have lived and to dream of the lives we hope to still live in the future. 


There were two memorial sites right along the trail honoring the lives of pilgrims who have passed…too young. A wall of wisdom farther along cited quotes which would likely be considered trite or simplistic in our modern world, but pilgrims lined up to reflect and consider. I have to say I like the person I am as I walk, and I try to retain a bit of the idealism I recapture when I’m here.















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