Beduedo to Sarria

It was a day jam packed with everything one could want. It had a menagerie of animals, stunning views, old cities, a slip and fall, extra distance, and more.

8 AM was daylight this morning after the time change. Fresh legs made a 7 km downhill pretty easy for a nice breakfast in Triacastela. The signs out of town were not so good, so I added 7 km to my 27 km walk but got to visit Samos. A beautiful town with one of the largest monasteries in Spain. Samos is a town I’d like to go back and visit.


I needed to stop to make repairs to my left thumb which got cut up a bit when I slipped and fell. More than 1400 km with no falls and I go down on a paved road with wet cow dung. No big deal, falls can happen to anyone but I also came over my right knee just like I did 13 years ago. The only thing that kept it from being a major injury was that my shoe heel didn’t catch. I pulled my heel up really high against my back but I guess my fitness saved me again since I didn’t even pull a muscle.


I had just photographed a herd of cows marching down a road so you would think I’d be more careful. Just a cut on my thumb and a lot more caution from now on.


Sarria is one of the towns often used to begin a Camino walk. It’s a little more than 100 km from Santiago. For a beginner or very slow walker it would be a nice choice. One could walk 10 km a day (or less) and get a compostella certificate within 2 weeks. 



I missed my crew last night but they caught up with me in time for a pilgrim meal tonight..

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