A full day in Santiago getting my few tasks done, greeting fellow pilgrims from New Hampshire and the Netherlands, and enjoying another beautiful day.


My third Compostela certificate means just as much as my other two. My distance was shorter, but it was shared with my brother and my new friends. At the cathedral for Pulgrim mass we got to experience the swinging of the botifumero incense ball. I have an inadequate photo, but if you would like to know what the experience is like go back towards the end of the movie “The Way.” I wish I could say that my improving knowledge of Spanish meant that I could understand a lot of the service but I always enjoy it. Shirley was very moved by the service and the experience.


I’m renting a car tomorrow, and 3 of us will go to the coast to experience Finesterre and Muxia, then we will ride in trains to Burgos and Léon before returning to Madrid to fly home.

I’ll post more thoughts on walking and what I learned about the Camino over the coming weeks.


Thanks to all of you ho have followed my travels and supported my writing. It means a lot.






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